About Us



We're the Birmingham branch of the world’s largest advertising and communications network – McCann Worldgroup – which boasts over 200 offices in 130 countries worldwide.


Founded by the legendary H.K. McCann 100 years ago, McCann has helped create some of marketing’s most memorable and iconic campaigns. L’Oréal ‘Because You’re Worth it’. Us. The Milky Bar Kid. Us. The Coca-Cola Santa. Us.

Our Philosophy

The success of McCann is based on one simple sentence coined way back in 1912 – Truth Well Told. Thirteen letters (Harry had a thing for 13) that we still adhere to today.

Our Approach

Nowadays, a one-size-fits-all mentality is no longer enough. Nor is simple communications integration. We need to move beyond integration to genuine communications and channel neutrality. That’s why we offer a 360 style service - delivered by best-in-class discipline specialists all under one roof and united around our central 'Transformation Way' Planning process.


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