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Does your story need a new plot?

By Sara Burgess, B2B Group Account Director   As a species, humans tell stories to make sense of the world, to tie together our experiences and perceptions. They influence the way we think, feel, act and behave.   In a world dominated by digital technologies and a growing choice of communication channels, the art of […]

Why your spokesperson IS your brand

By Sara Burgess, B2B Group Account Director, McCann PR   In recent weeks, we’ve seen some huge news stories, where the importance of a trustworthy spokesperson can make or break an organisation’s reputation.   From Ed Miliband not being able to win over the UK electorate, to the perceived silence of the Thomas Cook CEO during […]

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SEO Update

Organic Search (SEO) Update from UM Birmingham April 21st 2015 will see Google release its new mobile-friendly algorithm. While Google has been tagging websites as ‘mobile friendly’ for a while now, it is for the first time taking active steps to increase the rankings of websites with the tag and, conversely, punishing those without. Making […]