McCann Birmingham Delivers E-Lites Gangnam Style Baby...and YouTube Success

Posted by on Monday, February 4th, 2013

E-Lites advertising agency, McCann creates a song and dance.

E-Lites wanted to reinforce their position as brand leader in one of the most competitive and rapidly growing sectors. They asked McCann Birmingham to create stand-out, impact and sales. In an advert, which is the first of its kind on television since 1965, the West Midlands agency has launched the affectionately named “Gangnam Style Baby” for the UK’s premium electronic cigarette company, E-Lites.

The 30 second TV Commercial shows a father popping out for a cigarette while the rest of the family look on dumbfounded as their youngest member breaks into the dance for Psy’s worldwide number one single “Gangnam Style”. Unhelpfully, the baby sits down just before dad returns to the room. Looking around he asks ‘what did I miss?’

The campaign immediately went viral, generating over half a million YouTube views in its first 10 days of airing, where it ranked 6th on the site’s global chart. Gangnam Style rapper, Psy liked it so much he Tweeted it to his 2.3million followers. The ad’s effectiveness has led to a 131% month-on-month increase in web traffic to , accounting for 32% of all clicks in the electronic cigarette sector.

Vince McSweeney, McCann Birmingham Exec. Creative Director, said: “The ad looks at how an alternative to smoking can be beneficial on an emotional level instead of just focusing on the health elements. It’s a different way of looking at the situation, while remaining effective and entertaining.”

After no cigarette advertising on UK television since 1965, this hugely popular TV ad represents a bold move into a new medium for E-Lites.

Trevor Field, Marketing Director at E-Lites, comments: “We are delighted to see the E-Lites brand capturing consumers’ interests both in the UK and overseas. We are growing so quickly that we felt the time was right to widen our brand exposure and reach out to a wider audience, driving understanding of our product and the work we’re doing.”

McCann Birmingham was appointed as the E-Lites advertising agency in December 2012. Gangnam Style Baby has been aired in Central regions in January 2013 and is airing in London and Granada regions in February 2013.


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