Emotive Campaign Demonstrates Human-Animal Bond

Published on January 27, 2020

Our colleagues over at McCann Demand have launched a highly emotive awareness campaign about the critical role animals play in society for animal welfare charity Mayhew.

‘A Life, Shared’ uses poetry and continuous line illustration to tell three unique stories from the perspective of pets and their owners to express the extraordinary bond they share.

Our team worked with renowned international artist Dane Khy to craft the campaign. Two poems will run outdoor in London tube stations and press, while the third exists as a flawless film and features voiceovers by Louis Theroux and stage actor Emily Raymond.

The final work reflects the original concept won through a pitch process at the end of 2019. Collaboration with the Mayhew team – including multiple site visits, workshops and the adoption of ‘Fantome’ the cat enhanced understanding of the charity’s exceptional work by the McCann Demand team, and influenced the poems to indicate the breadth of social issues that affect people and their pets.

Mayhew has offered support and shelter to over 10,000 people and animals experiencing an unexpected or ongoing crisis in the last decade, through community-based initiatives, work with homeless people, social welfare and education projects to ensure that people and their beloved pets can stay together through times of hardship.

Mayhew’s Head of Marketing & Communications, Natassja Yoxall said:“McCann Demand have been fantastic partners to take this strategy to the next level with. They helped us to distil our communications message to something that would speak to individuals, conveying why we exist and inspiring audiences to find out more. They have created a genuinely original, moving and meaningful campaign territory that we hope to build on throughout 2020 and beyond.”

Chris Falconer, Managing Director at McCann Demand said: "I'm incredibly proud of the work the team have produced for Mayhew. Not only is it a tearjerker, but I genuinely believe the emotional response will help Mayhew achieve the scale normally associated with a national charity. Overall, it's the perfect example of what makes our agency so special: a team that out thinks, out works and out cares – to deliver work that outperforms."

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The full campaign film can be viewed here: