Five on Fire: 15th October

Published on October 14, 2021

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1. Twitter tests a chronological feed option to look at the latest tweets

For some Twitter users, you can now swipe between the ‘home’ and the ‘latest’ tab to choose whether you want to see tweets based on the algorithm or based on when they were posted. This is a move for those who argue that they use Twitter to see the latest news and updates instead of tweets based on engagement. It would seem Twitter is moving towards control back with the user, allowing them to use Twitter as they see fit.

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2. TikTok publishes a new Playbook for the auto market

TikTok have released a new 33-page document called Auto-Playbook 101’ which is a guide that looks at a range of key engagement trends and case studies based around the social auto-mobile industry. The link to download the full document is here. The guide covers the top hashtags, the types of cars users are most interested in and a guide on TikTok’s various ad options that can help auto-marketers.

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3. Ad reach data is adapted as Facebook and Instagram will now count unconnected accounts separately

The social network has stated that if your accounts are not connected in its account centre, the profiles will now be seen as two separate entities. The decisions impacts will be seen in advertisement reach numbers as it brings with it a broader scope for measurement. Facebook states this change is based on “respecting user choice when it comes to how their information is used for ads”.

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4. YouTube adds new caption options, with the improvement of automatic captions for livestreams

YouTube now provides automatic captions for all its livestream for all creators. Before this, it was limited to channels below 1000 subscribers. These captions can be added within the YouTube Studio. YouTube is also expanding its caption translation system to mobile; this translates captions into different languages. In addition, you can now search video transcripts to find certain segments of video clips based on caption texts.

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5. Instagram adds scheduling and 'practice mode' features for Live creators

If you’ve attended an Instagram live video session, you know that the first couple of minutes are dedicated to the host and guests syncing up. Sometimes it all goes smoothly, but other times it’s just messy. To avoid live video startup mistakes, Instagram is adding a new feature called ‘practice mode.’ It’ll let you and your guests join the live video before it’s broadcasted to your followers. This will help you set up the video and check the sound, light, and stability of connections so it looks like a professional production when it goes live. The firm said the practice mode feature will be rolling out soon.

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