Inclusion and Diversity in the Creative Industry

Published on November 21, 2018

Building on our ‘Stepping into the Spotlight’ series, we were delighted to welcome Naomi Sesay, On-screen Diversity Executive at Channel 4, who visited the Agency to deliver an inspiring talk on inclusion and diversity, particularly in the creative industry.

Naomi is the driving force behind Channel 4 achieving its ambition to be the most creatively diverse broadcaster in Europe. Diversity has always been essential to Channel 4’s mission and, since launching the 360° Diversity Charter in January 2015, they have put diversity at the heart of everything they do, both on and off screen, in order to make Channel 4 truly reflective of the richness of Britain today.

Naomi stressed it is our responsibility as individuals to ensure that the journey to diversity starts firstly from within ourselves. She talked, for example, about the significant impact objectification has on the subconscious brain and how in turn this affects the way women progress in the workplace. She presented some thought provoking actions for us all to apply in both our personal and professional lives and ended with a rallying cry that it is more important than ever for the creative industry to recognise the power it has to create ideas to change the way people feel emotionally.

‘Stepping into the Spotlight’ is an initiative from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) which McCann Birmingham has embraced and evolved to encourage discussion and sharing of views about the importance of diversity across the Agency, and to provide practical tools and support for those who are looking to develop their careers.