Truth About Britain : Midlanders Less Likely to Trust the Internet and Politicians than the Average Brit

Published on May 17, 2018

McCann Birmingham presented its Truth About Britain study to businesses at The Ivy Temple Row this morning finding that Midlanders are less likely to trust politicians and the internet than the rest of the UK.

Amongst other insights from the study, which tracked and analysed the British consumer’s mood over the last 12 months, our research found just 55 per cent of the Midlands believe the internet makes it easier to find the truth, compared to the national average of 60 per cent. This concern about truth in the region is reflected by 61 per cent of Midlanders believing politicians are less truthful now than they were 20 years ago – a higher percentage than the national average of 59 per cent.

Delving further into the report McCann found that people in the Midlands are more likely to choose a local brand (64 per cent) than the rest of the UK (60 per cent) and in stark contrast to the North East (45 per cent), London (49 per cent), North West (54 per cent) and South East (56 per cent). That said, locals still express pride in traditional brands such as the NHS (63 per cent) and the armed forces (43 per cent).

Rodney Collins, Regional Director EMEA at Truth Central, says: “Truth About Britain is an invaluable initiative that continues a decade of tracking the mood of the UK. Given the scope and scale of this initiative, our teams are fuelled with deep cultural and consumer truths to help brands navigate today’s and tomorrow’s complexities. This has never been more important given current regional dynamics and their impact on both emergent and established national priorities and values.

“No matter their size - or origin - brands need to bring to the market a commitment to shared truths which fuel meaningful relationships - whether those relationships are built through experiences, services, communications, or products. The Truth about Britain provides a toolkit to get it right.”