A lasting memory

Published on June 10, 2021

Earlier this week, Let’s Feed Brum presented us with a plaque in memory of our dear colleague and head chef, Ammi Edwards, after our CEO, Dean Lovett, raised over £8,800 in aid of the charity.

Let’s Feed Brum presented the plaque in recognition of Dean’s ‘long walk home’ last December, when he donned his walking boots, along with members of Ammi’s family, and set off on a 20 mile walk from McCann Central’s office in Solihull to Ammi’s home on the other side of Birmingham.

The inspiration for the challenge came from Ammi himself, when he took it upon himself 10 years ago to walk home from McCann in aid of Marie Curie and in memory of another friend of the agency. Let’s Feed Brum was a charity close to Ammi’s heart, so it was only natural that Dean’s ‘long walk home’ was completed on its behalf.

Dean commented: “It was an absolute privilege to be able to complete this walk in Ammi’s memory, alongside his family, and raise a fantastic amount of money for a cause that was so very important to him. I’d like to thank everyone who donated as I know it will make a real difference to all those who rely on the aid of Let’s Feed Brum.

“I’d also like to thank Let’s Feed Brum for presenting us with the plaque in Ammi’s memory. It is such a lovely gesture and it will be my honour to display it pride of place at our Solihull office. We look forward to being able to unveil it for everyone to see once restrictions have eased, as well as planning our next fundraising event to ensure Ammi’s legacy is a lasting one.”

Tara Tomes, one of the founders of Let’s Feed Brum, added: “Ammi was a friend of many of the Let’s Feed Brum family, so it was truly wonderful that we could partner with Dean, McCann and his family to raise such a phenomenal amount of money in his memory! Every penny will go towards helping people on the streets; from our daily walkabouts and food deliveries to 40 hostels each week, through to our Breakfast Clubs, chatline and outreach work… we pride ourselves on helping those who need it most.

“Ammi was touched by what we do at Let’s Feed Brum and we, in turn, have been touched by Ammi’s story and the legacy that he leaves behind. Although Covid restrictions have meant it’s taken longer for us to recognise Dean and the team’s achievement than we’d have liked, it was our pleasure to finally be able to present the plaque in Ammi’s memory and celebrate his life.”

If you’d like to make a donation, please visit Dean’s Just Giving page here. To find out more about the fantastic work Let’s Feed Brum carries out, please visit www.letsfeedbrum.com