Brand assets 2024 large V3

Podcast: Kevin the carrot and co - the journey to distinctive brand assets and how to build them

For this special episode, we're joined by the Uncensored CMO, Jon Evans, alongside McCann's Jamie Peate and Kayley Almond for an in-depth conversation exploring the stories and secrets behind some of the nation's most beloved distinctive brand assets.

Ep10 economic downturn large

Podcast: Futureproof your framework - how to market in an economic downturn

The UK has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years, and the uncertainty is set to continue. It may feel all doom and gloom, but there’s more in the marketer’s control than you might think. So, how can you begin to build your futureproof strategy?

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Lucy MD 2024 large

Lucy Hudson steps into role of Managing Director at McCann Birmingham

Lucy Hudson, previously MD at McCann Demand has joined the McCann Birmingham team to lead the agency onto its next phase of success. 

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Turing Trust 2024 large

McCann Central partners with the Turing Trust to help thousands of students learn vital IT skills

McCann Central, which is headquartered in Birmingham, announced today it has partnered with the Turing Trust, a charitable organisation that provides quality IT resources and training to schools in sub-Saharan Africa.

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B2 B 2024 large V2

Podcast: Balancing B2B – how to weather the storm whilst building a foundation for growth

The ever-changing tides of B2B have left brands siloed, board rooms nervous, and marketers struggling to balance the short and long term. However, amongst the challenges lay plenty of opportunity for change.

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Data 2024 large V2

Podcast: Demystifying data - how to connect the dots and unlock impact

Love it or hate it, data can drive commercial, creative and customer value when done well, or it can make life a lot more difficult when done badly. What was once a step in the process to deliver communications is now a product in its own right, but let's be honest - it can feel like a dark art shrouded in mystery.

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Social EOY 2023 large V2

Podcast: X marks the spot - social media lessons for 2024

2023 was quite the year for social. From Twitter’s rebrand and the launch of Threads, to CGI content and a plethora of new trends. But what are the key lessons from the past 12 months that marketers should be taking into 2024?

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Mc Cann PR score big for Howdens

McCann PR score big for Howden's

The McCann Birmingham team have supported Howdens in kicking off an ‘unbelievable’ grassroots football programme with the help of Chris Kamara.

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Gen Z 2023 Large V2

Podcast: How brands can really connect with Gen Z

Are brands more disconnected from Gen Z than they think? Why should marketers be paying attention to Gen Z anyway? Can brands get away with saying “bruv”?

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VAX cow large

Vax and McCann Birmingham clean up the competition

Vax has launched a new System1 chart-topping campaign by McCann Birmingham. The memorable ad currently sits in the top 5% of all small domestic appliance spots and has hit the top 6% of all UK ads in System1’s database.

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XC web V2

The Longer Journey: CrossCountry launches new film as part of brand launch

CrossCountry is pulling at heartstrings with a new emotive ad as part of a full brand roll-out. The new brand platform, Take Us On Your Journey, highlights CrossCountry’s role in building connections with people, not just places. CrossCountry worked with McCann Birmingham throughout the development of the new platform and integrated campaign.

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Media landscape 2023 large V2

Podcast: Is pop culture dead?

Is pop culture dead? How have the shifting sands of the media landscape changed the way we think about reaching audiences at scale?

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Are you our next creative intern

Are you our next creative intern?

Hello Birmingham creatives,

We believe the future of creativity is community driven, which is why we’re fiercely committed to supporting the local creator culture. And we want to connect with you.

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