All 'Hans' on deck for the launch of Frosty Jack's disruptive new campaign

Aston Manor Cider and McCann Birmingham have unveiled Frosty Jack’s first-ever TV advert, which encourages customers to Crack Open the Unexpected with Frosty Jack’s. The tongue-in-cheek advert will form part of a wider multi-channel marketing campaign across the UK.

Injecting both fun and personality into the cider category, the campaign features the world’s “most famous” Z-list celebrity hand model – Hans Handerson. It tracks the former hand actor reliving his glory days and showing off some of his iconic moves while promoting Frosty Jack’s. The cider brand’s choice to skip the costly celeb endorsements means continued savings for customers.

Grace Anthony, Brand Marketing Manager at Aston Manor Cider, explained: “Following on from the success of our Straight Outta Crumpton campaign by McCann Birmingham last summer, Aston Manor has been driven to disrupt the category further – this time through Frosty Jack’s.”

“The world is overrun with endless amounts of eye-watering costly celebrity endorsements. We therefore wanted to poke some fun by fabricating the world’s most extravagant, famous non-celebrity, and what better way than through a mysterious hand-model!”

Adam Bodfish, Executive Creative Director at McCann Birmingham, said: “Frosty Jack’s is all about fun and affordability, so we wanted to do something unexpected whilst making sure customers can continue saving on their cider. A new face for the brand wasn’t enough, so it was all hands-on deck in search for an alternative. Hans Handerson brings some much-needed humour to the category (and screens) without the price tag of a celebrity endorsement.”

The integrated campaign will be aired on social, YouTube, VOD, in out of home locations across the UK alongside trade press. Media is handled by UM Birmingham, part of McCann Birmingham.

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