Facebook experts from McCann Birmingham represent UK at European Facebook training

Published on April 23, 2018

Last year the McCann network partnered with Facebook on Facebook Blueprint, the digital training and certification programme designed to make each of us experts on the global platform, and as a result two of the McCann Birmingham team were chosen as UK ambassadors to attend a training programme at its European headquarters in Dublin.

Our most engaged Facebook Blueprint users – Sookie Shuen and Sheldon Tarpey – were appointed as agency and country ambassadors and selected for the two day training programme. Just 38 Blueprint ambassadors from 20 countries including the UK, Spain, Romania, Cyprus, Norway, Czech Republic, Macedonia and Bulgaria, came together for the Facebook Blueprint Ambassadors programme.

Whilst in Dublin last week, Sookie and Sheldon learned about Facebook’s mission and purpose, key products, innovations and best practice examples. They also took part in a series of hands-on masterclasses led by experts from Facebook’s widely popular Messenger and Instagram platforms.

More than 3,000 MWG staff took part in the Blueprint e-Learning program in UK and Europe, and now 50 ambassadors will guarantee that the latest Facebook updates and knowledge will be shared across the McCann network, and help shape the content and topics of future training sessions.