Great Minds - Into the Metaverse

Exploring the past, present and future of the internet's hottest topic, Into The Metaverse uncovers the culture and trends driving innovation and commerce in the virtual world.

Join Alex Acosta, Creative Director at McCann Birmingham to discover how leading brands are unlocking the potential of the Metaverse to create growth and connect with new audiences.

This event took place on Thursday 31st March at 10am. Want to catch up? Watch the recording here.

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Podcast Ep12 large

Podcast - Creating connections: how CrossCountry is bringing the human touch to rail

CrossCountry is all about putting the human touch back into train travel - but as Britain's most extensive network, how do you create connection at scale and with so many different people and communities?

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Lucy Hudson named in Women in Leadership Power List

Lucy Hudson, Managing Director at McCann Birmingham, has been named among the most effective female executives in the UK following her inclusion in Management Today’s Women in Leadership Power List. 

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Balance B2 B whitepaper 2024 large

White paper - Balance: The Key to Effective B2B Marketing

B2B marketing departments have never had so much measurable data. But turning that data into useful, actionable insight remains a challenge. Discover the key take aways and the best recipe for long term growth and true marketing effectiveness in our latest white paper.

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