Podcast: Kevin the carrot and co - the journey to distinctive brand assets and how to build them

For this special episode, we're joined by the Uncensored CMO, Jon Evans, alongside McCann's Jamie Peate and Kayley Almond for an in-depth conversation exploring the stories and secrets behind some of the nation's most beloved distinctive brand assets.

Did somebody say….

Yep, we can probably all finish that line (although maybe not in tune).

What if we said “Kevin!”

The nation’s favourite carrot likely springs to mind (along with the line, “that’s huge, Willy!”)

Brand assets have the power to promote quick association and build brand recall. But how do you get started with creating them? What’s the secret formula to building brand assets that are truly distinctive? How do they impact effectiveness?

For this episode, we’re welcoming Jon Evans, Chief Customer Officer at System1, alongside McCann’s Jamie Peate, Global Head of Effectiveness and Retail, and Kayley Almond, Strategy Director, to uncover the stories and strategies behind the biggest brand assets.

What we cover in this episode

  • Defining brand assets
  • The impact on effectiveness and why fame matters
  • The importance of having “a thing of it”
  • How and why Kevin the Carrot came to be
  • Being in the business of light entertainment
  • The journey to creating assets that achieve fame, fluency and feeling
  • Sustaining brand assets
  • The impact of cultural moments and seasonality
  • Avoiding ‘vision vampires’ and the role of celebrity in brands
  • The power of nostalgia and bringing back distinctive assets
  • Brands can change, but they need an anchor
  • Who’s doing distinctive assets well

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