Vauxhall Motors launches ‘lighter’ campaign for new Astra

Published on November 21, 2019

Vauxhall Motors has unveiled its latest marketing campaign for the all-new Astra, highlighting how much ‘lighter’ in emissions the new model is.

Set to Etta James’ ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’, the new Astra TV ad pays homage to the original 1995 ‘Diet Coke Break’ ad and follows a group of office workers as they announce break time and gather at the window in anticipation. Their eyes follow a new Astra driving around and ‘seductively’ splashing through puddles, before coming to a stop under a billboard stating ‘New Astra Light, Drinks Less Fuel’.

The fully-integrated campaign was created by our colleagues in Velocity, the dedicated and specialist agency created for Vauxhall Motors by McCann Worldgroup.

The messaging within the campaign hones in on the needs of modern-day consumers and highlights what really matters to the drivers of today; cutting fuel consumption, reducing emissions and lowering running costs.

Patrick Fourniol, Marketing Director, Vauxhall Motors, says, “The original ‘Diet Coke Break’ advert was truly iconic at the time but, almost 20 years on, we felt the ‘object of affection’ needed a bit of an update.

"We’re offering consumers a vehicle that has impressive technology, intuitive features, and is still as eye-catching as ever, but with class-leading fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”

View the campaign.