Vax and McCann Birmingham clean up the competition

Published on July 25, 2023

Vax has launched a new System1 chart-topping campaign by McCann Birmingham. The memorable ad currently sits in the top 5% of all small domestic appliance spots and has hit the top 6% of all UK ads in System1’s database.

With a 4.1 Star Rating, the humorous film offers a new creative approach for the category, moving away from sterile settings and towards embracing the mess and vibrancy of real life. Clumsy family members are replaced with comical creatures causing chaos around the house before normality is restored thanks to Vax. The ad showcases the features and benefits of Vax’s new SpotWash, an innovative vacuum which allows for an easier and more effective way of cleaning accidental spills and stains.

By bringing fun and memorable characters, the campaign aims to bring awareness and disruption to the category. It runs alongside another ad, also created by McCann Birmingham, for Vax’s SmartWash. The campaign builds upon the brand platform 'When life gets messy get Vax', which was initially formed following research by McCann Central. Strategy, creative and media are also handled by McCann.

Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System1 said “This charming ad achieves that rare balance of both viewer entertainment and product focus. Family characters, personalities and relationships are conveyed with delightful expression, and the Vax Spotwash is shown to clear up domestic mishaps in such a way as to create real allure. The ad sits within the top 5% of all small domestic appliance spots on System1’s Star Rating (effectiveness measure). Enjoying both strong emotional response and strong fluency (branding), the ad will help to drive salience and sales in the short-term and into the future.”

Liam Duignan, Creative Director EMEA at Vax said “Messes and spills can be stressful, so we wanted to bring some unexpected joy with our newest campaign. Our ambition was to create a campaign beyond the category norms, something memorable and bold and I think McCann Birmingham have certainly delivered that!”

Adam Bodfish, Executive Creative Director at McCann Birmingham said “The focus throughout this campaign was to produce work that is creatively effective. It’s fantastic to see this goal reflected in System1’s rating and we look forward to creating even more impactful and effective work with Vax.”

View the ad here.